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Choosing a Concealed Carry Pistols

Concealed Carry Pistols

Most firearm manufacturers make concealed carry pistols in a wide variety of calibers and capacities, which can make it challenging to choose the right one to take its place as your sidearm companion. The best concealed carry handgun for one may not be ideal for another. With calibers available in everything from .410 Bore to 10mm, in brands from H&K to Ruger, choosing the right handgun for concealed carry can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be, as making the right choice essentially boils down to five key points. Concealability, confidence, control, capacity, and caliber.

Concealed carry handguns do just that. Conceal. When looking for a gun for this application, you need to identify how and where it will be carried on the body, and how much printing, or noticeability under clothes, you’re comfortable with displaying to others. A larger 9mm might work for belt carry, but for ankle holstering, a micro-compact .380 ACP is more practical. Firearm experience and capabilities in manipulating controls come into play when choosing a concealed carry pistol, as some are geared towards novices with easy to rack slides and ambidextrous safeties.

The round capacity and caliber are a critical decision as well. Generally, for a CCW, a caliber of no less than .380 ACP is recommended for knockdown power and in a capacity that ensures you’ll have enough ammo to stop potentially several assailants at once. To make your choice easy and find the perfect CCW to ride in your holster, Tactical Shooting Sport has a full gamut of conceal carry pistols from trusted brands, in a wide range of calibers, capacities, and colors, and competitive pricing that make protecting yourself effecient.

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